Perfect Tool to Unzip Broken Files

You might have observed a situation, where you wanted to send collection of files to someone who is staying far away from you, but, due to size limit you did not manage to send those large size files. There is a size limit of attachment in email and you can only send files that come under this size limit. However ZIP is a solution to this problem, which easily sorts out the limitation of attachments by compressing large size file into a small file, which can be easily attached with email. It has been noticed that sometimes such type of ZIP file refuses to open after downloading from Internet. This problem generally occurs in situations where your ZIP files did not completely get downloaded and becomes broken.

This situation creates a serious problem in case important data is stored in this broken ZIP file. Now it is needless to say that after this event you will be disturbed and looking for a solution of such types of questions like how to UNZIP broken files? Or is there any utility to extract broken file data? Fortunately, there exists a tool which is famous as WinZip Repair that can assist you in repairing damaged ZIP file and extract data from broken files.

Generally a ZIP file becomes corrupted under various circumstances; one of those is CRC corruption. CRC is a technique used to verify the authenticity of data being transferred over Internet. This is a small code generated form sender side and sent along the data to the receiver end. Once you download ZIP file and try to open it then CRC is calculated and matched with CRC code sent by sender, if it is different ,then your ZIP files refuses to open. To handle this situation, you should make use of WinZip Repair tool that is specially developed with aim to solve such type of issues. Have a peep over this page to know how to fix CRC error in ZIP file:

Another reason behind the corruption of ZIP file could be virus attacks. If any dangerous virus penetrates your hard drive of system where ZIP file is dwelling then it can damage the file structure of ZIP file which results in its corruption. Apart from this, sometimes if you download ZIP file from unsecure network then chances of malware attacks increases many folds and leads to its corruption which in turn makes you unable to access its content. Go to this page to get an idea on how amaged RAR file is repaired:

Whatsoever be the reason of corruption of your file, you can easily fix it with the help of WinZip Repair tool very easily. You can repair zip error expected file header not found in just few mouse clicks. To learn about how to fix expected Zip file header signature not found error, visit here: Some of the stunning features of this tool is as it can easily repairs ZIP and ZIPX, able to fix ZIP files having size up to 4 GB. It supports 32 bit and 64 bit ZIP archive files and can extract content of a corrupted ZIP file within a couple of seconds. Once the repair process is over, you can easily see the preview of repaired ZIP file.

Simple steps to unZip Broken Files:

1: Download and install demo version of this tool. Launce the tool and click the browse button and upload the corrupt Zip file to the software and click repair as shown in the figure 1.

How to UNZIP Broken Files - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2: After the scanning process is completed, the software will display the contents of corrupted Zip file.

How to UNZIP Broken Files - View Repaired Files

Fig 2: View Repaired Files

3: If the performance of the software is satisfactory, then you can save the repaired content as shown in figure 3.

How to UNZIP Broken Files - Save Repaired Files

Fig 3: Save Repaired Files