WinZip Restore Tool

ZIP files are the collection of files that are compressed into a single folder. These files are compressed or archived to reduce the size of files. This compression helps in saving the memory that the files would occupy, they can be easily shared through internet or over the local network or to back up some of the important files or folders. When these ZIP files are having lot of advantages they have disadvantages too like they are highly vulnerable to the viruses and damage caused by the physical components.

On occasion when we download compressed zip files where the size of the files could be in GB’s. After the completion of the download when we try to extract the zip file we may get a message that the file is inaccessible or it is corrupted. The time and the patience elapsed in downloading that huge zip file will be wasted if you are not able to extract the data from the zip file. Sometimes the files that were compressed to be stored as backups an if those backups get corrupted then that is an awkward situation where you could lose your compose. If you are facing any of these problems where you are not able to extract the files from WinZip file, then the solution for your problem is WinZip Repair. This software can repair the zip file and also helps you out to unzip Broken Zip files with ease.

Some of the important scenarios that could corrupt the WinZip folder

  • During the process of extraction of a compressed WinZip file if the power supply is stopped unexpectedly before the extraction process is finished then the zip file can be damaged making the zip file inaccessible.
  • Viruses are self executing program with the capability of multiplying itself, while transferring ZIP files over the internet or through an email client the viruses get attached to the ZIP file. When these infected files are tried to extract you won’t be able to complete the process because the file would have been corrupted by the intruder.
  • The indexes of the files that are compressed are stored in a central directory; if this directory is corrupted then OS won’t be able to access the files and in return gives some error messages. In this state the data in the archive file is lost. To gain information about the scenarios for Zip file loss go to this site.

These are some of the important scenarios in which you can corrupt your WinZip file. If you are in any of the above mentioned scenario and looking for the solution then dont worry you are in right place and I can assure you that you can fix your corrupted WinZip file in no time without damaging the data present in the it with the help of mend winzip archive.

The interesting features of this software are:

This recover ZIP file is developed by our team of expert engineers which has a powerful algorithm to repair corrupted Zip and Zipx files. This is read only software that doesn’t harm the corrupted zip file and keeps the data unharmed and it is a quick solution for fixing a bad CRC zip file; this tool scans the corrupted zip archive completely and copies the data into a newly created zip file. 32 bit, 64 bit archive files and Zipx files are handled smoothly by recover corrupt zip archive software. This tool can also fix ZIP file association on windows 7 based computer and laptop in an effective manner. Even if the size of the WinZip achieve is more than 4GB this software can repair with very much ease. Repair ZIP tool is supported by the different windows OS like Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows Xp/ Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. With this superb utility user can even fix damaged WinZip files. Refer this site to read more about damage WinZip file repair process. This powerful software can also be used to repair corrupted multipart Zip files. To know more, click here:

How to use WinZip Repair tool? Follow the below steps.

  1. If you want use this ultimate WinZip tool you have to download the evaluation version of the software and install same. Now run the software to get a home screen. Upload the corrupted zip file using the browse button and click repair to start the process.
  2. WinZip Repair Tool - Home Screen

    Fig 1: Home Screen

  3. After finishing the scanning process the software will display the contents of the corrupted zip file.
  4. WinZip Repair Tool - View Files

    Fig 2: View Files

  5. If you satisfied with performance of the evaluation version of the software and want to save the repaired WinZip file then you have to buy the full version of the software.
  6. WinZip Repair Tool - Save Files

    Fig 3: Save Files