Repair ZIP File Association on Windows 7

ZIP file is collection of a lot of files into one single archive file. ZIP files come handy in case you want to save memory space of your hard drive. Another benefit of ZIP file is that you can easily send it across the network as an email attachment. A File association is required to differentiate between a file type and the supporting application that is capable to open that file. For example, if you want to open a ZIP file on Windows 7, then you have to use its proper extractor. However, sometimes it has been seen that ZIP file refuses to open due to problem between file type and application being used to open it. The main reasons why such kind of problems arises is corruption of ZIP file. What can be done in such inevitable situation?  Well, if you wish to open your ZIP file after such kind of problem on your system, then first you need to fix zip file association on Windows 7. In that case, do not worry and simply try out WinZip Repair application that is specially developed by skilled experts to handle out such kind of issue as it helps you to repair ZIP file association on Windows 7.

Reasons responsible for corruption of ZIP file that results in file association problem on Windows 7:

Improper Download: One of the most common reasons behind the corruption of ZIP file is improper download. Let me explain this point with a proper and real time example - suppose you are downloading a ZIP file from internet to your Windows 7 PC and in the meanwhile any interruption occurs, then it leads to termination of ZIP file download process thereby causing ZIP file corruption. This corruption generally results because of incomplete downloading of ZIP file where its association files may miss. However, if you wish to know how this tool extracts files from corrupted ZIP file, then visit here:

CRC Error:  CRC error is an error detecting technique which is used to authenticate the files downloaded from internet is the right file or not. If you are downloading ZIP file then a CRC code is sent along with ZIP file. After downloading is completed, if you are trying to extract files from ZIP file, then it may not open, if CRC code does not matches. After this incident, if you are in search of a tool which can repair ZIP file association on Windows 7, then you should go for Win Zip Repair application. To know a bit more about CRC error fixing process, go at:

Virus Attack: Virus or malware attack is yet another reason where your ZIP file associated on Windows 7 gets corrupted. Suppose you are using internet on your system where ZIP file is stored, then chances of virus or malware attack to your system is quite high. In this incident, your valuable files might have become inaccessible. Also, it may corrupt the association file that is required to open your WinZip file. However, do not worry by making use of WinZip repair tool you can easily fix ZIP association in Win 7 in a hassle free manner.

Round Tripping: If you have changed your file format from ZIP to another file format then its association file may get corrupt and chance of its corruption is quite high. Once it is corrupted, then it starts showing error related to file type association on Windows 7. Now, if you want to get rid of this issue then you need to fix ZIP file association on Windows 7 with the help of our most widely used utility.

Fix zip file association on windows 7 using WinZip Repair tool:

Repairing zip file association on windows 7 is not a big hurdle, because veteran software developers have come with a excellent solution in the form of WinZip Repair that can easily fix zip association in Win 7 within a matter of few simple clicks of mouse. All you need to do is select your damaged ZIP file after launching the tool, rest of the work will be done by our automated software in an effective manner.

Some excellent features of WinZIP Repair tool:

  • It has ability to fix large size zipped file on all the popular versions of Windows.
  • It supports fixing of ZIP files on various file systems including FAT 16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5.
  • You can easily fix ZIP file association on Windows 7 system, which is password protected with the aid of this repair toolkit.
  • It comes with a highly interactive user interface, which makes it more convenient to fix ZIP association in Win 7 by providing guide with respective screenshots. 
  • It is also capable to repair file not valid archive error within a matter of second.
  • Once the ZIP file is fixed you can save it on any storage media with great ease.
  • This tool also let you know its performance by providing the preview of repaired ZIP file.
  • This application has earned much appreciation across the globe to repair ZIP file association on Windows 7 in most suitable and safe manner.
  • It’s a most effective repair application, which can be used to repair multipart Zip file as well.  

Simple steps to fix Zip file association on Windows 7:

1: After downloading the demo version of the software install same and run it to get a home screen. Click the browse button and upoad the damaged WinZip file to the software and click repair to start damaged WinZip file repair process.

Fix Zip File Association on Windows 7 - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2: When the scanning process is completed the Software will display the contents of damaged WinZip.

Fix Zip File Association on Windows 7 - View Repaired Files

Fig 2: View Repaired Files

3: If the performance of the software is acceptable then you can buy the full version to complete the save process.

Fix Zip File Association on Windows 7 - Save Repaired Files

Fig 3: Save Repaired Files