Fix Winzip File

When we want to share a bunch of files over the network or through an email client or when we want to take back up of some of our very important data, we tend to use zipping software like WinZip. These software’s are designed to include files into a folder and compress them to make them handy over the network or to save as back up. Sometimes compression could be unsafe for the data while transferring it over the network because the file could get corrupted due to some scenarios that we will see in the later section of the article. If your WinZip file is corrupted and you are not able to extract the contents and you want to know whether the file can be repaired or your data is lost forever. After finishing this article you will get an complete idea about the solution you are looking for, this software is an ideal answer for the people who are struggling to get back their data from the corrupted ZIP files.

Let’s see some of the scenarios that lead to the corruption of zip files

  • When a third party software is used to repair a corrupted zip file, due to fragmentation by file system the zip file that was recovered could be incomplete and since it is incomplete you will not be able to access the file losing the data that was in it.
  • The central directory of an archive file holds the indexes of the files that are compressed in it; if the central directory gets damaged then the ZIP file gets corrupted and would get inaccessible.
  • Virus attacks are also an important reason for corrupting zip files, when a ZIP files are shared over the network or transferred through an email client the viruses get attached to the ZIP file and when you try to extract the file then you won’t be able to do it.

These are some of the scenarios that lead to the corruption of zip files, if you have landed yourself in any of the scenario that is discussed above, then the ultimate solution a simple yet effective software that is WinZip repair tool.

Why this software is being recommended by most of the experts in data recovery industry..?

Repair WinZip archieve software is developed by our team of experts who have expertise in the field of data recovery. Since ZIP repair tool is read only software, it has not been given any rights for changing the original data so that while using this software you won’t have to bother about the safety of your data. This software scans the corrupted ZIP file and copies the data into a new file. When you see an CRC error message while trying to extract a ZIP file, then the high-speed repairing software is repair WinZip CRC error software. This utility is supported by Windows 7(32 bit and 64 bit), Vista, Xp, 2008 and 2003. You can make use of this tool to open broken Zip file in an effective manner. Browse the URL given here to know in details:

How to use Recover Corrupted Zip software? It’s very simple just follow the below steps.

  1. Get the demo version of the software. Install and run the tool, in home screen using the browse button load the corrupted file and click repair.
  2. Repair WinZip File - Home Screen

    Fig 1: Home Screen

  3. Software will display the contents of the repaired file after scanning is finished.
  4. Repair WinZip File - View Files

    Fig 2: View Files

  5. Now if you are satisfied with the performance of the software, buy the full version of the software to save the repaired ZIP file.
  6. Repair WinZip File - Save Files

    Fig 3: Save Files