Repair WinZip file which says not a valid Archive

If you are not able to open your WinZip file after not a valid Archive error then you need not panic. This is a common error which appears when the WinZip file gets damaged due to improper download process. But it is not an error which makes the WinZip file inaccessible for a long time. It can be safely overcome and the corrupt WinZip file can be repaired with ease with the help of WinZip repair software. You need not worry if you are frequently encountering the above mentioned error. It can be fixed and the inaccessible WinZip file can be made accessible without any problem with the aid of this awesome application. Sometimes when such error comes up we start thinking that this is the end and nothing can be done to fix this issue. But it is absolutely not the end if you come across this error repeatedly. In fact you can overcome this error with great ease. If you are the one who has lost all the hope of getting back the access to the damaged WinZip file then you must pick WinZip repair application. It will get you back the repaired WinZip file with just few clicks.

It is quite obvious that when we download the WinZip file in an improper way it gets damaged to a very severe extent. The most common mistake that we commit is we unplug our computer by mistake while the WinZip file is getting downloaded. When such incident takes place it instantly results in the corruption of WinZip file. This makes the WinZip Archive inaccessible due to which we will not be able to access the crucial data on it. This is a problematic condition which can be easily overcome with the help of WinZip repair software. This download error appears also when the power fails all of a sudden while the download process is in progress. In this case the WinZip file gets damaged instantly. But even in this situation it is possible to repair damaged WinZip file with the support of WinZip repair application. If due to the download error which occurs due to the reasons mentioned above, you are not able to access your Zip file then you need to repair and extract corrupt Zip files with the aid of this software.

By using this application you can repair WinZip files on various Windows computers such as Win XP, Vista, server and Windows 8. It can be used under various other scenarios. If your Zip or Zipx file is inaccessible due to abrupt system shutdown or virus attack then in that situation you can use this application. You can also use this software if you are not able to open your WinZip file due to CRC error. This error also pops up when the download process gets interrupted and the file gets damaged instantly. But you can overcome it by visiting and going through the complete repair process.

Note: If you cannot access your ZIP file after getting "error 421125 Zip file is corrupted", make use of this link to fix this problem immidiately:

How to fix WinZip File not a Valid Archive error:

  1. Once you download and launch this software click on "Browse" and choose the corrupt Zip file. Then click on "Repair" tab to begin the repair process.
  2. WinZip File not a Valid Archive - Home Screen

    Fig 1: Home Screen

  3. Once you click on this "Repair" option a window will pop up indicating the progress of repair process. Once the repair process gets completed you can preview the repaired file contents.
  4. WinZip File not a Valid Archive - View File Contents

    Fig 2: View File Contents

  5. Then To save this repaired file you need to purchase this application.
  6. WinZip File not a Valid Archive - Save File

    Fig 3: Save File