How to Extract File from Corrupt Zip Files?

Easy Way to Extract and Fix Corrupt Zip Files

A Zip is a file compression method used to compress single or multiple files such as text documents, video clips, movies, songs, applications etc on your Windows computer. The files are mainly used to save memory space on storage drives and other than saving memory, Zip files are also used to transfer large files via internet. Zip files are also one of the widely used compression technique as it provides its users advanced features like password protection, encryption and so on which makes these files more reliable.

Nevertheless, similar other file compression file formats, even Zip files tend to get corrupt and display many error notifications while extracting contents from it. After such corruption you can no longer access any contents from the Zip file, so if you are a user with question like “How to extract corrupt Zip files” Then no need to get tensed, just read out this article and find out a way to fix and extract corrupt zip files.

There are tons of reasons due to which your Zip file gets corrupt or damaged, some of the major events include:

  • Malware Infection: Deadly virus or malware infection on Zip files damaged its file header making Zip files severely corrupt or damaged.
  • Improper / Incomplete Download: This is among the main reasons for Zip file corruption, Zip file tend to get severely corrupt or damaged if there is any interruption while downloading Zip files from internet. Such kind of interruption occurs due to reasons like sudden power failure, improper system termination, network inconsistency etc.
  • Renaming the Zip Archive: Changing the file extension of Zip archives is another reason for Zip file corruption, for instance if you rename your Zip file from to kai.jpg it changes the meaning of the file resulting in severe Zip file corruption
  • Low Memory: If you extract contents of a Zip archive on storage drive, where memory space is low then there are possibilities of Zip file corruption. Such inadequate space result in memory error
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons include CRC error, presence of bad sectors, software malfunction, hardware failure, broken downloads and many others. If you want to repair WinZip file after CRC error then visit this page:

Apart from the above mentioned reasons there are many other causes for Zip file corruption. After corruption, if WinZip cannot extract file, then you need to repair it by using the most effective WinZip repair utility.

How to extract corrupt Zip files?

WinZip Repair is one of the best utility with the help of which you can extract all contents from your corrupt / damaged Zip file. The tool performs rigorous scanning of your corrupt Zip archive and extracts each and every file present in it; its powerful algorithms helps you in repairing Zip file of both 32-bit, 64-bit type. More to this, WinZip repair also mends password protected and encrypted Zip archives; furthermore is compatible to run on all latest Windows OS including XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Salient features of the WinZip Repair Tool:

  • Fixes both corrupt and damaged Zip files in a very short amount of time
  • Provides a very interactive graphical user interface
  • Has the capability to even repair Zip files of size more than 4 GB
  • Works on read only mode that ensures no changes are made to the Zip file during repair process
  • It is capable to repair ZIP file association on Windows 7 without any difficulty. If you want to know more how it works, then visit here:

Few useful tips:

  • Never interrupt while downloading a Zip file
  • Regularly backup your important Zip files
  • Don’t try to repair your corrupt Zip file on your own
  • Use antivirus application to remove viruses from your Zip file
  • Use suitable and reliable third party utility to extract contents from Zip files

Simple steps to extract contents from a corrupt Zip file

1: After downloading the demo version of the software install same and run it to get a home screen. Click the browse button and upoad the corrupt Zip file to the software and click repair.

How to Extract Corrupt Zip Files - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2: When the scanning process is completed the software will display the contents corrupt Zip file.

How to Extract Corrupt Zip Files - View Repaired Files

Fig 2: View Repaired Files

3: If the performance of the software is acceptable then you can buy the full version to complete the save process.

How to Extract Corrupt Zip Files - Save Repaired Files

Fig 3: Save Repaired Files