Repair WinZip CRC Error

WinZip is a worldwide using application for file archiving and compressing on Windows, Mac and Android OS etc. It creates file archive in zip format and is an efficient tool to zip and unzip file instantly. But some user finds CRC errors on zipped file. This CRC tells that some data is corrupted or damaged in your zipped file. Usually CRC is used to calculate accuracy of transmission and when you extract zipped files, WinZip calculates CRC- Cyclic Redundancy Check of the extracted file with original CRC file. Incase if it is mismatched then it will displays a CRC error on zipped files. No issue how you got CRC error on zipped file using WinZip tool you can fix these errors using efficient tool like fix CRC errors on WinZip. This tool supports regaining of zipped file on Windows and Mac OS easily. You can easily fix files like video, music, text documents, PST files etc which is zipped using WinZip and getting CRC errors while extracting.

Possible errors you may get while extracting WinZip files are:

  • Unknown compression method is used for this file.
  • Bad Cyclic Redundancy Check error- Data is mismatched with original file.
  • Unable to open archive file

No issue whatever errors you may get during archiving zipped file, you can easily wipe them by using this repair tool. It uses effective built-in algorithms which help in finding lost data on zipped files due to CRC errors and other errors. Some uses get CRC error after downloading more sized zipped files through internet which can be easily fixed by this tool.

Salient features of this tool are:

  • Instantly fix big (more than 4 GB) sized zipped files on both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Supports fixing WinZip files on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFSX and HFS+ file system.
  • Fixes zip files stored on hard disk, USB drives, and iPod and on any other storage devices.
  • Using this tool user can even fix damaged WinZip files. To know how this software actually repair damaged Zip file, click on this link:
  • Once file gets repaired, you can preview lost data that is reclaimed from corrupted or damaged zipped file.
  • Fixed Win Zipped file can be saved to any storage media.
  • Recommended software to mend WinZip files.

If you anyone lost data from zipped file due CRC errors then use this tool and wipes your worries of losing valuable data. This is one of the efficient tools to fix WinZip files instantly. You can check efficiency if fixing zipped files using demo version which is freely obtainable in websites but in demo version just you can preview lost data from zipped file. In order to save those fixed files you have to purchase full version. Buy full version if you are satisfied with demo version and free from worries of losing valuable data.

WinZip CRC Error repair process:

  1. Once you download and install this software click on "Browse" and select the corrupt Zip or Zipx file. Then click on "Repair" tab to begin the process of repairing.
  2. Repair WinZip CRC Error - Home Screen

    Fig 1: Home Screen

  3. Once you hit on "Repair" a new window will open up that will indicate the progress of repair process. Once the repair process gets completed you will be able to see a new window which will contain the repaired file contents.
  4. Repair WinZip CRC Error - View File Contents

    Fig 2: View File Contents

  5. To save the repaired file you need to choose the destination path from this step. Once you choose the destination path click on "Save" button.
  6. Repair WinZip CRC Error - Save Files

    Fig 3: Save Files