How to Fix and Extract WinZip File?

WinZip is a most widely used application to compress data. It can compress big sized files and folders easily and makes a Zipped file of smaller size. WinZip files prove to be very supportive if you want to send two or more files through mail. Since these files will be of smaller in size they can be easily attached to mail. Apart from these WinZip files can serve in many ways. But as a result of few unknown reasons, the WinZip cannot extract file sometimes. It mainly happens when WinZip archive gets corrupt. You cannot extract any of the data if WinZip archive gets corrupted.

However, now these types of errors can be easily tackled with the help of WinZip Repair tool. WinZip Repair application is nothing but a repair tool which is specially built to repair corrupted WinZip files. If you take the help of this tool then you can fix and extract WinZip file with a great ease. Using this tookit, you can easily mend WinZip invalid filename error in archive and many other kind of errors that are occured due to corruption of ZIP file. The application is very famous and the most important thing is, it’s a non destructive tool which will just read the corrupted WinZip file and generates a similar but healthy file from which you can easily extract the contents.

Factors responsible for the corruption of WinZip files:

  • Virus Invasion: Virus will never leave any computer data, it’s a disastrous element and should be avoided from getting into the computer. In case virus enters your PC then it will infect and severely corrupt the WinZip archive, after which WinZip cannot extract file. Hence to repair WinZip file not extracting data, you have to make use of WinZip repair utility.
  • Errors While Downloading: When WinZip archive is getting downloaded from web, then no error should occur. Suppose, if any unusual error takes place then downloaded file will get corrupt. However, using WinZip Repair app it is possible to fix and extract WinZip file in a very effective manner.  
  • Other Reasons: There are lots of other reasons which make WinZip files to get corrupt such as CRC errors, extraction errors, etc. If your WinZip file is corrupted due to CRC error, then to repair, just visit here:

On account of these above described scenarios WinZip cannot extract file and at last it becomes severely corrupted. But somehow using above described repair tool it’s quite simple to repair WinZip file not extracting data.

Incredible features of WinZip Repair utility:

WinZip Repair application can fix and extract WinZip file on all popular versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows Vista, XP, 7, etc. It’s a user friendly tool which provides comprehensible directions for every step. This will allow even an inexpert user to repair WinZip file not extracting data. The application has been developed by highly experienced developers and if needed you can avail the technical assistance at any point of time. It can fix corrupted WinZip file whose size is more than 4GB or more. It’s a safe repair application, which proves to an optimum solution if WinZip cannot extract file. This exceptional repair tool can even repair corrupt 7z files on your computer. In a very limited time frame, the application will repair corrupted WinZip file. Use the demo edition of this repair application to repair and extract WinZip file, if it works according to your convenient then purchase its licensed edition.  

Steps to fix and extract WinZip archive:

1: If WinZip cannot extract file, then download the demo version of the software and install on your system. Run the application. The home screen appears. Click the browse button and upload the damaged WinZip file to the software and click Repair to start repair process.

WinZip Cannot Extract File - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2: When the scanning process is completed, the software will display the contents of WinZip file.

WinZip Cannot Extract File - View Repaired Files

Fig 2: View Repaired Files

3: If WinZip repair process of the software is acceptable, then you can buy the full version to complete the save process.

WinZip Cannot Extract File - Save Repaired Files

Fig 3: Save Repaired Files