Easy Way to Fix WinZip Archive

Archiving is nothing but compressing a bunch of files into a single folder to make them easy to share over the network or through an email client. Sometimes we make use of internally supported zipping option by Microsoft Windows OS or zipping software like WinZip. They can also be used to have back up of your important files. These files could be corrupted due to some reasons which we will discuss later. If they are corrupted then we won’t be able to extract the folder. This could be a serious situation when you are in emergency, may be when you are in meeting and want extract the files and you are not able to, or you had taken the back up of your files and now they are corrupted. Whatever the reason is, if there is a problem then there should be a solution for that and the solution for your problem is repair WinZip. Most of the time compressing files is advantageous, but when you zip files it causes some problems in other hand that is the files could become susceptible to the viruses or damaged hardware while sharing over the network.

If you land up in a situation like this where you are not able to access your ZIP file, then what you are suppose to do? Firstly compose yourself because you are going to get all of the data that has got corrupted. In order to get your data back make use of the most advanced and trusted software around the world by millions of users and that software is WinZip file fix tool.

Scenarios that can lead to the corruption of the WinZip file

  • Central directory is used to store all the indexes of the files that are in the compressed folder. When this central directory gets corrupted then system won’t be able to access the files contained by the ZIP archive and in return throws some error messages. In this situation the data contained by the ZIP archive gets corrupted. But using WinZip repair app you can fix WinZip archive in an efficeint way.
  • Abrupt power failure is also a main reason for a zip file to get corrupted or ZIP file gets corrupted making a file inaccessible even if you are trying to force close the process. However if you want to fix WinZip archive, then make use of WinZip repair utility.
  • Viruses are among the main reason for the corruption of files, these viruses get attached to the zip archive during the process of sharing the file over the local network or transferring it through email and when you try to extract the zip file you won’t be able to do so.

These are some of the important scenarios that could corrupt the zip archive file. This WinZip repair archive tool is most recommended software that is being used by millions of people around the world who normally end up in corrupting their zip files. The amazing feature of this WinZip repair archive software’s is that it will fix WinZip archive very quickly when the CRC errors are generated. It is the finest tool to repair WinZip files, once repaired you can extract its data. In case you are unable to extract the content of your Zip file due to corruption, then go to this link to find a way to overcome from this situation:www.winzip-repair.com/extract-corrupt-files.html

Why to use this software?

Windows ZIP Repair software is a tool that is developed by the team of experts that is used to repair the degraded ZIP files. This WinZip repair archive software doesn’t damage the files that are in the corrupted WinZip file because it is a read only software which has no permission to any change any data present in a file, when you load a ruined zip archive to the software and start the repair process, after finishing the scan process on the corrupted zip file it copies the data into a recently created file. It can repair winzip files even if they are more than 4 GB or if a file is of 32 bit or 64 bit. WinZip repair archive app is supported by different versions of Microsoft Windows Operating systems like Windows 7/Vista/Xp/2008 and 2003 support this software. It also supports to repair WinZip file after not a valid Archive error. It does not contain any harmful viruses or mailicious programs, therefore its a reliable utility to perform WinZip files repair.

You can also come across different types of error that will prevent you to open the ZIP file. "Error 42125 ZIP file is corrupted" is one of them. If you are suffering from this issue, visit: www.winzip-repair.com/how-to-fix-error-42125-archive-is-corrupted.html

How to use WinZip Repair Archive software? Follow the below steps.

1: After downloading the demo version of the software install same and run it to get a home screen. Click the browse button and upoad the corrupted Zip file to the software and click repair to initiate WinZip archive repair process.

WinZip Repair Archive - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2: Once you repair winzip files you can view the contents of zip file.

WinZip Repair Archive - View Files

Fig 2: View Files

3: If the performance of the software is acceptable then you can buy the full version to complete the save process.

WinZip Repair Archive - Save Files

Fig 3: Save Files